What I'm Doing On My 8 Hour Conference Call

  1. Quietly singing "Electric Avenue" to myself
  2. Triple-checking that I'm still on mute
  3. "Oh god, did they just say my name? ..................no, phew."
  4. Mentally writing a fantasy novel based on the construction workers in these boxes in the Battery
  5. Mourning all the babies that were taken away by CPS when I played Sims 1 at age 9
  6. Googling how to get a passport
  7. Tweeting James Blunt
  8. Calculating the ROI of my NYU degree
  9. Crying
  10. "Do you agree, Kelsey?" "...yep, sounds about right."
  11. Reading Christopher Walken's Wikipedia page. He has a cat named Bowtie, and the late Flapjack (RIP).
  12. Ordering Cinco de Mayo lunch for the office. No, it pretty explicitly says one chicken taco, one steak. Yeah, I can still ask if they'll do both chicken.
  13. Trying to figure out how to eat this
  14. Deconstructing
  15. Taking my mother's call on my cell phone, agreeing that DirectTv is being unreasonable
  16. Running out to get a coffee, trusting both calls to carry on without me
  17. Watching a live stream of adoptable puppies on the MSPCA website. They are snuggling. Why do I get a home and they don't? They can have my home. They deserve it.
  18. Hanging up on both of my calls and going to Boston to adopt these 3 puppies
  19. Taking a 5 minute power nap. 7 hours into the call. Two of the puppies have disappeared.