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  1. On January 24, 2017 one of my oldest friends and I went to trivia at local bar 5 min from our house. He never made it home and spent two weeks on life support before he had a stroke and we lost him.
    Myself and two others figured out he was missing, went looking, told his mom, drove her to the ER, and stayed there for the next to weeks. Leaving only to work, shower and "sleep". It was traumatic to say the least.
  2. My fiancé and I have been long distance for two years. The whole time I thought May 2017 was the finish line. He would graduate and come home and we would be together again. But then he took an internship in LA and we're even further apart.
  3. I don't know where I'm going to live come November.
    I am a creature of habit and stability. I don't deal with change or the unknown well. Dylan's job is to program and create video games. This means we move to LA, Los Gatos, Dallas, Austen, or Raleigh. We don't know where and probably won't for another 2 months.
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Fun fact about my personality: if I like something I'm going to listen/watch/read that thing into the ground until I borderline hate it, stop, come back to it several months later, start again.
  1. Panic! at the Disco
    I'm a former (current) Emo/scene kid. Obviously I listened to these guys in high school, but they fell off my radar. Then this album dropped and holy shit you guys it's so good. Then I went deep. The entire discography is all I have listened to for months. MONTHS. I try to listen to other things and I just keep coming back.
  2. Bath and body works candles
    It started in college. My roommate and I would make the hike to BBW and Mexican when we had a shitty day and now two years later I currently have 18, but low key maybe more. Should I make a list ranking my favorite scents? No? Is that too extra? Lmk
  3. Jaclyn Hill
    She's a beauty youtuber. I feel like we would be best friends. If her name is on a product, I own it. I am a sheep and she is my shepherd and I'm not sorry. Side note this is the look I'm feeling for my wedding. Minus the red lip.
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  1. I would buy this puppy
    This, my friends, is a Flat Coated Retriever. I recently loss the one I have had for 14 years and I need another one in my life, asap. So tbh I'm getting one regardless I'll just feel less financially guilty (they ain't cheap y'all) BUT LIKE LOOK AT THIS FACE!
  2. A horse so I can do this
    Y'all I cannot express to you how deeply I miss riding, but like horses are sooooo expensive to keep alive.
  3. So. Much. Makeup.
    I would go HAM
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My name is Kelsey and this is me in a nutshell
  1. I have 2 middle names
    Kelsey Anne Louise Robinson. Not Anne-Louise and my first name is not Kelsey Anne either. This really confuses people for some reason.
  2. If it comes in black and white stripes, I want it. I want all of it.
  3. Good Charlotte is my all time favorite band ever
    I don't need your judgment. I have my reasons and I love them. I have every song ever released. If you come to me and say you're favorite song is "dance floor anthem" I know you're a fake bc no true fan likes that album. No one. It was bad.
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I'm sorry if you love them.
  1. Hemlock grove
    I got about halfway through (ok maybe 1/3) and I still have no idea what's happening. Bye.
  2. Witches of East End
    I was in and then I zoned out for a few episodes so I don't know what's going on but I don't care enough to rewatch them
  3. How I Met Your Mother
    See above.
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  1. Leaving a hot day and stepping into ice cold AC
    Also leaving ice cold AC and feeling the warmth of the sun.
  2. Cantering
    This is a magical moment that's hard to put into words. You feel like you're flying, but you're also hyper aware of the conversation your body is having with the horse in order to make this moment happen. Slide your outside leg back, pressure with inside leg. Give enough rein they can move their head freely, but not so much you lose control. It's intense and magic.
  3. The first bite of your favorite meal
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Let's start with this isn't the first time my fiancé & I have been long distance in our 7.5 yr relationship. His freshman year of college he was at Clemson while I was in school at home. Now we've both graduated from CU, I'm home working while he is 900 mi away in Dallas, TX for Grad school. Long story short I can't move out there so we're a LDR.
  1. Con: 6 days every 2 months
    He has a week long break every 2 months. He gets six days to spend with me, his parents, his little brother, and his friends. Yes, I try to fly out once a module, but he's stupid busy putting in 12hr school days 6 days a week. He doesn't always have time for me to fly out. So we're left with 6 days.
  2. Cons: I miss him so much I feel like I'm going to split into two.
    People ALWAYS ask "How are you handling him being so far away?" and I respond with "I'm not." He's my food buddy, my adventure buddy, my lazy day companion and I get 6 days with him, every 2 months. I'm not handling this.
  3. Cons: We can't hold each other when we're struggling.
    This year is hard for both of us for different reasons. We can get through this, we've been through worse. That being said we are better stronger versions of ourselves when we're together so being apart makes this harder than it could be.
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  1. 1.
    Find a wedding venue
    I just started and I'm already over it
  2. 2.
    Go on adventures
  3. 3.
    Get back to my college freshman year weight
    That's a little adventurous but I would at least like to go get off my ass and get into gear. Depression is a bitch, man.
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  1. 6.
    Human names
    Teddy, Hewitt (shout out @classyAF), Lacey, Stanley. Super cute. But tread lightly this can go wrong as soon as you name your dog Rachel.
  2. 5.
    Pop Culture vs. Brands
    This is another that can either be really good or really bad. Name your dog Lumos or Zazu and you're cool. Name your dog Fendi, Gabbana, Porsche and we will all be rolling our eyes in the treatment area.
  3. 4.
    School spirit
    Think buildings and landmarks from your college. At Clemson the common ones are Esso, Cooper, Riggs, and Bowman. They're cute, unique, and anyone from your school will appreciate your small nod.
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I've worked in a vet office since I was 16. I know a thing or two about dog names and there are some that just need to stop.
  1. 1.
    For the love of God, stop naming your dogs Bailey. We have AT LEAST 4 a day. Enough already.
  2. 2.
    Same as Bailey except worse because it reminds the world that Twilight was a thing.
  3. 3.
    They're all bat shit crazy. Every last one of them. Which, I guess, is appropriate.
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