I've worked long and hard on this list. Literally months in the making. Before you ask: Yes, having a chef for a dad was great. Yes, I ate some damn good food. No, we didn't eat food like this everyday. There were A LOT of casseroles. Yes, he taught me how to cook.
  1. 7.
    Dijon and Herb encrusted pork crown
    He just "came up with it" for Easter dinner. AKA it was delicious and I can never experience it again bc he has no idea what the hell he did. It's a hard life being his kid sometimes.
  2. 6.
    Rack of lamb
    It had this mint herb crust thing and is yet another "idk I just came up with it" meal
  3. 5.
    Fish tacos
    The tortilla is toasted, the fish is just a bit spicy, there's a slaw and a sauce. I'm done. It's great.
  4. 4.
    Thanksgiving Stuffing
    There are oysters in this thing, dude. He uses real bread not those dehydrated cube things (what are those anyway) and some other stuff and then he does things to it and out comes heaven.
  5. 3.
    St. Patrick's Day feast.
    Listen my family lineage is like 90 something percent Irish. St Patrick's Day is a national holiday at my house. The menu includes corned beef slow cooked in a gentle bath of Guinness, cabbage steamed in Guinness, roasted potatoes, soda bread (this one is actually made by me. It's bomb btw), some boozy dessert made by mom, and a SHIT TON of alcohol. It might be my favorite part of the year.
  6. 2.
    Hollandaise Sauce
    Oh. My. God. Yes. All of it. This liquid gold is lemon and waaaayy too much butter and it goes on every. Single. Thing. On my plate. I'm pretty sure my veins are part Hollandaise now. I regret nothing.
  7. 1.
    Smoked BBQ and sauce
    Sweet baby Jesus his BBQ is good. Over a year or two my dad has perfected his rub recipe for his pork butt and created a sauce that causes real live angels to sing. It tangy/sweet/peppery/smokey all at once. It's all smoked and pulled a very specific way to make it great, whatever, I can never enjoy any other BBQ other than his. It's just not as good.