Fundamental Truths About Me

My name is Kelsey and this is me in a nutshell
  1. I have 2 middle names
    Kelsey Anne Louise Robinson. Not Anne-Louise and my first name is not Kelsey Anne either. This really confuses people for some reason.
  2. If it comes in black and white stripes, I want it. I want all of it.
  3. Good Charlotte is my all time favorite band ever
    I don't need your judgment. I have my reasons and I love them. I have every song ever released. If you come to me and say you're favorite song is "dance floor anthem" I know you're a fake bc no true fan likes that album. No one. It was bad.
  4. Nightmare Before Christmas is my favorite movie
    *Insert emo kid jokes here* Again I don't need your judgements.
  5. I drink a trenta vanilla iced coffee with non fat milk almost every day
    My day starts at 5:30 AM most days. If you want me to function then I will be mobile ordering my drink before I go to work.
  6. I am horribly competitive and it's a problem
    During the olympics my fiancé's dad made a comment about hotw even if you come in 7th that still means there's only 6 people better than you in the entire world. My immediate response was "no that means your 6th loser." There's winning and then there's first loser. Don't worry I hear do myself and am fully aware of how wrong that is.
  7. Spending any amount of money gives me intense anxiety
    Sometimes to the point of nausea. And yet I have a shopping problem. I don't get it either.
  8. Buffalo chicken anything is the best.
  9. My wardrobe is unintentionally a neutral color palate.
    I can't help it! 9 times out of 10 if I like it in a color then I LOVE it in black, white, or gray. As I sit here writing this list in my black pants, gray shirt, eating buffalo chicken dip.
  10. I'm a lot to deal with
    I know I am. Bless your heart if you are one of the people who loves me anyway. I appreciate you more than you know.