Questions I'm tired of hearing
  1. When are you and Dylan going to have one of those (a child)??
    Literally I just graduated from college a month ago, he still lives 900 miles away, and oh yeah WE'RE NOT EVEN MARRIED YET
  2. You just graduated, now what are you going to do?
    I used to give a canned answer about exploring my veterinary options, but now I just say "I'm going to wing it." And people laugh like I'm kidding (I'm not)
  3. Pre Vet? So when are you going to vet school?
    Never will I ever go to vet school. It's really just not a place where non science minded people excel. Shocking I know.
  4. You guys have been together 7 years?! Like straight?? You didn't even break up once??
    I cannot tell you how many times people have said this to me. Is it really so hard to believe?
  5. Did you know a cow has 4 stomachs?!
    Omg. No. Just no. I don't know why, but this is a serious I pet peeve. Let's just go ahead a clear this up. 1) Cows have 1 stomach. One. Uno. Singular. What they do have is four different sections in their stomach. 2) I'm have a Animal and Veterinary Science degree. I can tell you more than you would ever care to know about a cows stomach 3) The next person who says this to me is getting a full length lecture about ruminant anatomy (cows). And I have diagrams. You've been warned
  6. You ride horses? So when's you're next race?
    Lolololol dude even if I wanted to race horses I'd have to shrink a solid foot and loose about 100 lbs. Jockeys are tiny human beings. PS: you can do other things besides race.
  7. Is that your natural hair color?
    My hair is literally one of two colors: Ariel Red or Ariel Red with some purple thrown in. Please direct me to the person who grows this color naturally because I'm honestly impressed.