Pros and Cons of a long distance relationship

Let's start with this isn't the first time my fiancé & I have been long distance in our 7.5 yr relationship. His freshman year of college he was at Clemson while I was in school at home. Now we've both graduated from CU, I'm home working while he is 900 mi away in Dallas, TX for Grad school. Long story short I can't move out there so we're a LDR.
  1. Con: 6 days every 2 months
    He has a week long break every 2 months. He gets six days to spend with me, his parents, his little brother, and his friends. Yes, I try to fly out once a module, but he's stupid busy putting in 12hr school days 6 days a week. He doesn't always have time for me to fly out. So we're left with 6 days.
  2. Cons: I miss him so much I feel like I'm going to split into two.
    People ALWAYS ask "How are you handling him being so far away?" and I respond with "I'm not." He's my food buddy, my adventure buddy, my lazy day companion and I get 6 days with him, every 2 months. I'm not handling this.
  3. Cons: We can't hold each other when we're struggling.
    This year is hard for both of us for different reasons. We can get through this, we've been through worse. That being said we are better stronger versions of ourselves when we're together so being apart makes this harder than it could be.
  4. Pro: It forces us to make time for our relationship
    I don't get to see him at the end of the day to tell him about it. We have to make time to call and talk
  5. Pro: It forces us to really work on our relationship
    When I'm struggling, I HAVE to tell him. He has no way of knowing if I don't. I feel like where a lot of LDR go wrong is when couples close the line of communication about their troubles. Sometimes it's because they would rather have the convo in person. Other times they don't want the other to worry about them when they're so far away. Either way all your partner can do is listen and be there, so let them. Don't take that from them.
  6. Pro: It makes me appreciate him more.
    He always makes sure I grab my leftovers when we leave dinner, because he knows that's my favorite part of eating out. We both sleep 100x better when we're together and he can't fall asleep if his skin is not touching my skin. His hand on my belly, my lower back touching his belly, holding my hand. Something.
  7. Pro: We work hard at maintaining both our romantic relationship, and our friendship.
    He is my best friend first and foremost. When that changes we aren't as strong. That being said he's also the love of my life and that piece of our relationship is equally as important
  8. Pro: Once this is over we will never feel like this ever again.
    We've already had the conversation that we will never ever spend more than 1 week apart. Once he graduates and we get married we will never feel this void again and that knowledge is giving me the strength to get through.
  9. Long distance relationships are not for the faint of heart
    They're hard. They're a lot of work. They challenge you in ways you never thought of. But if you can survive, you come out stronger than you know. Side note: this picture was taken minutes before he proposed ❤️