I moved from Washington, DC to Charlotte, NC about 10 years ago and then went to school in Clemson, SC (talk about a culture shock). There are things I've come to love about the South, but there are a few things I still don't get.
  1. Waving at people you don't know
    This is where my Yankee City Girl status is at its peak so let's get it out of the way now...achem....WHY?! I don't get it! I don't know you! Just go about your business, sir. I know it's "nice" and "polite", but I just think it's creepy.
  2. Billy Graham.
    I've been here 10 years and I still don't understand the hype. I get that he's a preacher or religious figure, but like, why does he have an entire parkway named after him.
  3. Buggie
    No. It's a CART. I put my grocery items in a CART.
  4. Red-Eye-Gravy
    It's got ham and coffee and I'm confused.
  5. Drivers.
    Listen, DC has some aggressive driving. You have to if you want to get anywhere, but you know what we don't have??? People darting across 4 lanes of traffic to get off on an exit. Never would we ever drive below the speed limit for the hell of it and that happens almost every time I leave my house down here.
  6. No Alcohol on Sunday
    Is this a joke? Why is this a rule? What about all the non religious people in the state? Why can't I have a refreshing mimosa at brunch after church?
  7. That being said there's a lot I really love about the South. I'll make a list on that later.