Fun fact about my personality: if I like something I'm going to listen/watch/read that thing into the ground until I borderline hate it, stop, come back to it several months later, start again.
  1. Panic! at the Disco
    I'm a former (current) Emo/scene kid. Obviously I listened to these guys in high school, but they fell off my radar. Then this album dropped and holy shit you guys it's so good. Then I went deep. The entire discography is all I have listened to for months. MONTHS. I try to listen to other things and I just keep coming back.
  2. Bath and body works candles
    It started in college. My roommate and I would make the hike to BBW and Mexican when we had a shitty day and now two years later I currently have 18, but low key maybe more. Should I make a list ranking my favorite scents? No? Is that too extra? Lmk
  3. Jaclyn Hill
    She's a beauty youtuber. I feel like we would be best friends. If her name is on a product, I own it. I am a sheep and she is my shepherd and I'm not sorry. Side note this is the look I'm feeling for my wedding. Minus the red lip.
  4. Riverdale
    I can't! It's so good! I ship Betty and Jughead so hard, I'm not feeling Archie with anyone idk why
  5. Harry Potter.
    I mean I feel like no further comment is necessary, right? Oh plot twist: I'm a Slytherin
  6. There's more, but these are my currents.