1. Maybe I can try to sign up for the free wifi again and the system won't know.
  2. What can I do on my laptop without wifi?
  3. Why don't MacBooks have built-in hot spots?
  4. I am alone with my own thoughts right now.
  5. Is it worth paying for the internet?
  6. I could just use my phone.
  7. My phone won't let me do x, y, z.
  8. Who the hell makes someone pay for the internet. Wifi should be available everywhere to everyone.
  9. It's definitely worth paying.
  10. Maybe another coffee shop/food court/flight has free wifi.
  11. But really why isn't free public wifi some sort of UN initiative?
  12. $5 for 6 hours of internet isn't that bad.
  13. I should just do it.
  14. Nope. I'm leaving.
  15. *Finds another location*
  16. Repeat cycle.