1. When the train/bus pulls up, you're convinced you won't fit, Never mind the other 200 people on the platform
  2. 1 parent tries to squeeze a stroller on. It doesn't work. They give up and wait.
  3. You do, in fact, fit on the train with 190 of the 200 others
  4. At least one person acts shocked that the train is so full and usually makes a scene about it
  5. One person shouts for everyone to step further into the car
  6. You become certain that you can't breathe like this
  7. The thought of Starbucks/Dunks when you get off the train is what gives you the will to live past this experience
  8. You accidentally touch someone's butt but don't bother to apologize
  9. Someone gives you a dirty look just because you exist on the same train
  10. A series of different things could happen at this point.
    Someone enters wearing a trash bag, Someone starts shouting Bible verses, Someone starts muttering profanities under their breath but loud enough for everyone to hear, etc
  11. You finally arrive at your destination and know that your day can only get better