Movies/Shows I've Seen This Year 📽

probably 90% rewatched
  1. Storks (2016)
    im SHOOK this movie was actually so funny and woke and talked about gentrification and i cant stop asking all of my friends if they have seen it and they call me lame for watching a kids movie by myself but you know what im cultured now so
  2. Finding Dory (2016)
    nothing can touch finding nemo, a timeless classic for which i owe so many one-liners, but this movie was great i cried like 15 times and it actually touches on mental illness which is GR8 and im the beluga whale always
  3. Amanda Knox (2016)
    murder documentaries and chill. this one was great, i think she's innocent but also shes annoying and i hate her dumb italian bf but they are just oblivious not guilty case closed
  4. Split (2017)
    WHAT THE HECK. i hate this movie it made me so anxious and WTF the end was wild but also mcavoy was unreal he's so talented but still f u dude this character was WILD
  5. The Babadook (2014)
    what are those dark circles under my eyes from, you ask? why sit down children! do i have a story to tell. kelsey is WEAK and easily frightened by EVERYTHING but for reasons unknown to mankind, she continues to watch horror films, and to her amazement! she stops sleeping for DAYS! imagine that! (this movie wasn't too bad except for the fact that now my comforter cannot protect me also why did this chick keep the babadook in her basement after it made her try to stab her son)
  6. The Witness (2015)
    per my favorite murder podcast host recommendation, i popped this murder doc in and wow!! it follows the story of kitty genovese, a woman who was murdered outside an apartment complex and there were allegedly 39 witnesses and NONE of them did anything. tragic tbh but also very interesting.
  7. La La Land (2016)
  8. Shadow of Truth (2016)
    wow very good four part doc series that examines the murder of a 13 yr old israeli girl in a school bathroom....quite tragic but wildly interesting i would recommend if you find murder fascinating
  9. The Impossible (2012)
  10. All Good Things
  11. Gossip Girl
    im in love with chuck and also nate
  12. A Cure For Wellness (2017)
  13. Get Out (2017)
  14. The Strangers (2008)
  15. jurassic park
  16. logan
  17. new girl
  18. harry potter and the goblet of fire
    cedric :-(
  19. harry potter and the order of the phoenix
  20. how to get away with murder
    idk i just love conner
  21. kong
    unfortunately i paid to see this but it was all worth it in the end bc tom hiddlestons dirty biceps
  22. the office
    all of it