We are at the beach, and I saw a henna tattoo place. I brought up the idea for matching tattoos, and she shot me down. So I created a list of 15 good reasons she should do it.
  1. We will be twinning and twinning is always winning!
  2. You can look very "cool" and "hip" at work on Monday.
  3. It's a buy one get one sale!
  4. You can look sexy without having it permanently damage your relationship with your boyfriend.
  5. You can get carded some more and pulled over by cops for being under 18 AGAIN because it will make you look younger.
  6. You can put it somewhere where people can't see it at work.
  7. I am taking the time to make this list.
  8. You can get in touch with your young and playful side.
  9. You can make your sister jealous.
  10. Your sister will get one with me and you don't want her to have one up on you.
  11. It is an opportunity for artistic expression.
  12. You can get a tattoo without any of the pain.
  13. It'll be fun!
  14. We can get a really pretty design that you can show off to your friends.
  15. You love me and want to show me you care. ❤️