I'm a self-identified "beverage person" even though most of these are fruit / lemonade / coffee based
  1. Bloody Mary mix
    I order this over ice every time I'm on an airplane
  2. The chai tea that urth cafe serves that's "red" or something
  3. Americanos
    I don't order them because I'm not yet the kind of woman to order an Americano
  4. Orange juice (no pulp unless it's before 9am)
  5. Apple juice (after 4pm )
  6. Margaritas
    For obvious reasons
  7. Kern's guava juice
    If u can forget how much sugar is in this it really feels like ur in Hawaii
  8. Dutch Bros iced carmelizer
    It's a coffee place in AZ and some other random states
  9. Mango smoothies
  10. Room temperature filtered water no ice
  11. Limeade
  12. Iced black tea
  13. The PERFECT caramel latte
    "Velvety" is a real thing guys
  14. Strawberry lemonade from the Elephant Bar
    Sugar rim around the glass