1. A signed copy of @mindy "Why Not Me" that took over my holiday break. I had to take a picture to prove it to my fellow Mindy lovers and group text them, well, back door brag group text them.
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  2. This is my 55 year old father torching the shape of a penis into the ice of our frozen lake. This is how the Jorissens ring in the new year.
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  3. My friends have an annual themed Christmas party every year, this year was Star Wars (duh). We also have a ginger bread house contest, this is my house this year. My team won (double duh).
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  4. The Target display this Christmas. I cried I laughed so hard when I saw this while trying to find kitty litter.
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  5. My boyfriend and I had a double double yolk morning over Thanksgiving. I guess we should of bought a lottery ticket or something right?
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  6. This photo was taken the moment I said "that's a wrap" on Season 2 of The Dreamers. I was half laughing half sobbing, like a real champ.
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  7. The dead cat and the alive cat, a modern day Romeo and Juliet...
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  8. Going to Sundance with my main bitch. All of the smiles on this one.
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  9. I swear to god this is a thing. The most patriotic thing I have ever witnessed. I mean look at that eagle's determination. Legit.
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  10. I bottled this wine with my man at my 2nd favorite place on earth, my great aunt's organic vineyard in Modesto.
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  11. A quote I keep reminding myself of as I direct and produce.
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