1. Whether it's a romantic relationship, or a friend or family member, ending things is never easy. In fact, for a proclaimed "over emotional" person as myself, I consider it one of the hardest things to do in life. Bc you love this person, but for many other reasons their existence in your life is causing negativity or you feel emotionally burdened.
  2. In terms of a romantic relationship, if this person manipulates you, shows signs of jealousy, refuses to compromise with you, or it feels like your relationship is half sided, I would suggest reconsidering what you DO like about this person & whether or not they are willing to work problems out with you.
  3. This is where I realize that human relationships are extremely complicated and personal, not to mention it's much easier to say your going to end something than it is to actually do it.
  4. In short, whether it is a family member or a romantic partner that is hindering your happiness and wellbeing, consider these options.
  5. Give them an ultimatum. Communicate. Be honest and willing to hear how they feel. If they refuse to treat you right or work out issues with them, it's time to leave. They don't appreciate you. If they cared they would stick by your side through whatever and not be able to bear that you're hurting.
    This advice comes from real life experience.
  6. You don't need or deserve any kind of toxic relationship. And despite whether you feel shitty, you deserve to be loved and treated well. Start living your life for you. You deserve SO MUCH.