Dinner table game in which everyone cops to things they do not personally ascribe to, even cannot stand. Those things must otherwise be culturally accepted, even revered, by ones' familiar social group. Not strictly haterade, but close.
  1. Seinfield
    Seinfeld didn't invent sarcasm, by the way.
  2. Everlane
    All for a uniform, but almost everything Everlane sells is dreadfully boring. The things that are not boring are cut terribly (or cut for one type of build and no other). Congrats on your cool startup tho, bro!!
  3. Joan Didion idolatry
    Joan Didion is a cool person because she emulates no one. Does emulating Joan Didion make you cool? Nope.
  4. Bananas
    Bananas only taste good when they taste like something else (peanut butter, flambéed rum, etc.)
  5. Murakami novels
    Falsely profound and highly overrated.
  6. Mad Men
    Rewatch all those flashback scenes, dare you.
  7. England.
    Suggested by @jensnow
  8. Soup
    The surest way to alienate your friends is admitting you don't like soup.