A brief glimpse into the mind of an irresponsible college student taking a Computer Security final.
  1. "Let's dive in. Ooh true and false! Wait, what is a polymorphic virus?"
  2. "Am I seriously hung up on the first question of a two and a half hour exam?"
  3. "I'm screwed."
  4. "Skip it. Second question...hey, this wasn't supposed to be on the exam! I didn't study this. Noooooo!"
  5. "I wonder how the rest of the class is doing. Oh, solid. The kid who sits in front of me just got here. Well, I'm already doing better than him!"
  6. "Except, he probably actually studied. Why didn't I study?!"
  7. "Oh, right. I watched Obama's thing on TV and then accidentally watched the CNN Heroes special afterwards...twice."
  8. "Since when are terrorism and poverty more important than my GPA?? I'm graduating in 5 days. I should've learned my lesson by now."
  9. "Oh shit. I'm graduating in 5 days. I should've studied for this test."
  10. "Ok, there's gotta be a pattern here, people. Two true, two false? Then maybe one true, one false, but then - ooh, maybe three trues in a row? That oughta do it."
  11. Professor: "One of your classmates found an error on page three. Add the option D: All of the Above."
  13. *fixes error* "Let's just skip ahead to multiple choice, since I'm already on this page."
  14. "Damn all of the above. There is a special place for you in Hell."
  15. "Dear God, please give me the answers so I can graduate and pay off my student loans before I am dead."
  16. "Nope, still haven't got a clue. Skip to short answer? Who am I kidding? I won't know those answers, either."
  17. "How's the hot kid behind me doing? Oh. Oh, wait. He's turning in his test. He is done. He is officially out of my league. I will be single forever because I didn't study for this damn test."
  18. "Bye hot kid! So long, farewell!"
  19. "Hey, wait. I actually know the answer to this question! And I think I can BS this one for points! Oh, and this one, too! Things are turning around!"
  21. "Wait, when did we learn this? Whatever, I got, like, the last four correct. I'll be OK if I skip this."
  22. "How many pages are there left? OMG I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!"
  23. "Screw this. I'm just going to hand it in and take whatever grade I get."
  24. "Goodbye obnoxious classmates! Goodbye foreign professor with a thick accent I could never understand! Goodbye freezing cold classroom with terrible lighting! I will see you all in Hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!!"
  25. "I'll go home and study harder for my next test tomorrow."
  26. "Who am I kidding? I'm going to watch all of Parks and Rec over again from the beginning! I know I won't regret this."
  27. "I'm so ready for the adult world. They won't know what hit 'em."