As requested by Sweet Lexie, my most favorite
  1. Q's bread pudding
  2. Driving Lexie around in my car listening to "Silver Lining" and telling her she had it made because we were her crew now.
  3. Sam Jarvis yelling "We have to turn bulbasaur into Ivysaur" at a roundish decanter filled with jungle juice
  4. Living in the admissions suite, pushing 2 of my twin beds together to form a massive king bed.
  5. Finding a dinosaur in my mailbox.
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    I'm pretty sure Sarah Colangelo is responsible but this has never been confirmed. It is still in my living room.
  6. Mike Payne's hollowed out textbook with a flask in it.
    I think my real favorite memory is when he showed this book AND flask to an administrator
  7. Meeting David Fingerman first thing on orientation day. He's still one of my best pals!
  8. The taste of UV Blue taken as a shot out of a votive candle holder on flunk day.
  9. The orientation week comedian who had a skit about underage drinking that ended with, "So, I put on my monocle and said, 'I'll have one large alcohol....please!"
  10. The night all of my older friends graduated, I sat with them in a yellow dress, at a table in the quad and there were fireflies.