1. Gentrification
    No way! The Asian grocery store you never go to because you're too busy buying Kombucha at Lassens is closing? The OG neighborhood is gone forever. Oh wait, you moved here a year ago.
  2. Traffic
    People in LA talk about traffic the way people in other cities talk about weather. The 101 to the 110 to the 10... 😴
  3. What do you do?
    Me: hi, nice to meet you / Them: what do you do?
  4. Instagram celebrities
    There's always one person at the party with a bajillion Instagram followers and it's all anyone wants to talk about. It's more important than world hunger at this point.
  5. Drugs
    Thought we would stop discussing drugs as a novelty / cool factor after college but alas, this is still the default convo.
  6. Everyone you know
    Oh, this is a party? I thought we were just networking...