1. An hour ago I had a passing thought about how exciting it will be to see where everyone on Li.st ends up later in life.
    careers, etc.
  2. Because you're all SO talented, and funny, and wonderful.
  3. And there are great things in store for all of you.
    I have no doubt about it.
  4. And it didn't for a second cross my mind to say this out loud, or write it down.
  5. It was just a passing, fleeting thought.
  6. And then I read the list about Biz and my heart broke.
    I don't think I ever actually talked to her, we just followed each other early on.
  7. So now I'm telling you.
  8. I think you're all wonderful, truly.
  9. And you're destined for great things.
  10. 💛