Inspired by @Deanndre and others
  1. Reading: The Opposite of Loneliness
    I've been reading it extremely slowly though because...⬇️
  2. Watching: The West Wing
    This damn show has completely taken over my life. That might be a slight exaggeration, but its basically all I care about right now. I'm already dreading finishing it. I just started Season 3.
  3. Listening: Discover Weekly playlists on Spotify
    I use Spotify everyday but have never payed attention to this feature, until @bjnovak mentioned it on a list awhile ago. A personalized playlist of new songs, updated weekly?! Amazing. I love it.
  4. Also listening: Miles Davis
    On Spotify. Great music to work to.
  5. Eating: Pistachio Ice Cream
    I realized I've never had this flavor and quickly remedied it last night. 👌🏼