I feel like this is Rihanna if she grew up in New York City in the 80's...
  1. Her looks were strong from the very beginning
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    Why match your shoes to your shirt when you can match your BLUSH
  2. She was v into headbands
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    Exhibit A
  3. Exhibit B
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  4. She wasn't afraid of color
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  5. Or all one color
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  6. She loved a good hat
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    Exhibit A
  7. Exhibit B
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  8. She looked cool AF with short hair
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  9. And equally dope with long dreads
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  10. Nobody wore a turban better
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    Now THIS is a look!
  11. She wore menswear like a BOSS
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  12. 👌🏼
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  13. And could perfectly accessorize
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  14. Seriously who else could pull this off??!
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  15. Denise Huxtable: 💯
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