Denise Huxtable - Style Icon

I feel like this is Rihanna if she grew up in New York City in the 80's...
  1. Her looks were strong from the very beginning
    Why match your shoes to your shirt when you can match your BLUSH
  2. She was v into headbands
    Exhibit A
  3. Exhibit B
  4. She wasn't afraid of color
  5. Or all one color
  6. She loved a good hat
    Exhibit A
  7. Exhibit B
  8. She looked cool AF with short hair
  9. And equally dope with long dreads
  10. Nobody wore a turban better
    Now THIS is a look!
  11. She wore menswear like a BOSS
  12. 👌🏼
  13. And could perfectly accessorize
  14. Seriously who else could pull this off??!
  15. Denise Huxtable: 💯