This is a weird title I know, I'll explain.
  1. I don't really like Mothers Day.
    Today is always a little hard for me, I don't ever get excited or happy to celebrate Mothers Day, because my Mom is severely mentally ill and has been since I can remember.
  2. So, while everyone all day today is like: "Thanks for EVERYTHING Mom!!! The cooking, and cleaning, driving me everywhere, and all your amazing advice!"
    I'm just like: 😐😔 because I cannot relate at all, and I'm so jealous of all you guys. I wish I could post something like that about my Mom and have it be true.
  3. But then I saw Mindy Kaling's Instagram and tweets today and I realized, uhh you know someone who HAS given me so much advice?
    Mindy Kaling
  4. She's written and spoken so many amazing pieces of advice, about working hard, about love and boys, about having confidence and how you should strive.
    And I've taken so much of it to heart. I think about them all the time.
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  9. So, even though Mindy Kaling isn't a mother, and she certainly isn't MY mother...
    I just wanna say:
  10. Happy Mother's Day, @mindy
    Thanks for the advice. Thanks for EVERYTHING.