My Weekend in Pictures

This weekend I was in Southern California with my family for my sister's grad school graduation
  1. Hiiiiii guys
    When waiting impatiently for people you're supposed to take selfies now right?
  2. This is my sister. She doesn't know I'm posting this
  3. After the ceremony we had lunch at Geoffrey's Malibu which is insanely pretty
    This was the view from my chair
  4. 👋🏼
    Waiting Impatiently Part 2
  5. Yesterday we checked out Universal Studios
    Harry Potter World is cool AF
  6. Butter beer is actually really good!
    It tastes like butterscotch
  7. 🔮✨💫
  8. Look at these pretty lights in Ollivanders wand shop
  9. And this morning I had a pineapple upside down pancake for breakfast 😳
    So good.
  10. Hope you guys all had a good weekend too!