We drifted apart after high school. Getting older is weird.
  1. Shock
    My brother told me in passing, he saw it on Facebook (I don't have FB)
  2. Try to act nonchalant
    Say "Oh wow". Immediately exit room
  3. This is WEIRD
    This is so weird????
  4. Sad
    We used to be so close. I knew nearly everything about her and vice versa. Now I know nothing.
  5. Sad
    In grade school we pictured being each other's bridesmaids. I would've bet money back then that I'd be one of the first people she would tell.
  6. Melancholy
    We didn't have a big fight or falling out. We simply grew apart. This happens to everyone? This is life.
    We're only 22? How are we already 22? My parents got married at 22. Fuck.
  8. Stop comparing your lives you idiot
    I was fine until 2 seconds ago.
  9. Does she still want a church wedding with red roses?
    When we were young I always said I wanted a garden wedding, light colors, in the springtime. She wanted a church wedding, dramatic with red roses.
  10. I hope she's happy
    I'm sure she is. I really really hope she is.