1. WHAT?!
  2. 😱
  3. Okay...this is exciting! Finally!
  4. Wait maybe it isn't...
  5. What if it's a mess like season 7??
  6. Emily would be a widow...😢
  7. Melissa McCarthy probably won't sign on.
    Sookie is the most underrated character. She was the best.
  8. I cannot imagine Lorelai and Rory in 2015 for some reason
    Like with iPhones?!
  9. Maybe this isn't a good idea
  10. But Luke and Lorelai! Together! Again!
  11. I wonder what Rory would be up to in her career...
    Did she become the next Christiane Amanpour?
  12. And would they bring back Jess? Or even Logan?
    Honestly I don't care about Dean
  13. Okay...this is exciting! Finally!
  14. I think 😬