November doesn't get the credit it deserves
  1. It's still fall, not yet winter
    Fall is the superior season🍁🍂🍁
  2. It feels festive
    You have all the anticipation of the upcoming holidays without the dread that they'll soon be over.
  3. It's cold, but not really realllllly cold
    You can wear layers and your new coat! The air still feels crisp and cozy, you're not yet disenchanted with it.
  4. It gets dark earlier
    Most see this as a con...BUT suddenly it becomes very acceptable to stay in and read and/or watch your shows all evening.
  5. Red cups at Starbucks
    Roll your eyes all you want but the red cups are a nice tradition.
  6. It's the Thursday of the months
    Thursday's are good! Thursday's make you sigh with relief, with hope.
    This doesn't need explanation. Thanksgiving is the best holiday, hands down.