Thoughts on a not planned 13 miler

  1. Not really sure how far I'm going but it feels great out here
    Miles 1-2
  2. I'm gonna change the lyrics to songs so they relate to running
    Miles 2-4
  3. Oh my gah that squirrel totally knows what I'm singing.
  4. Hey other person running (I wonder how far they're going)
    Did they see me singing
  5. How am I at 7 already!? How many songs did I sing to get here?
    7 MILES
  6. Shoot might as well go for 13. I'm over half way there
  7. I deserve a milkshake
  8. I should do a milkshake race!
    Not really I don't think I could handle it.
  9. I'm going to pretend this trash can is a hurdle
    Mile 11
  10. It's official I ran 13 miles but just to be sure I'm going to go a .10 further
    a booYAHHH