1. Stayed up until 2am watching true crime documentaries
    And subsequently complained about how tired I was all day
  2. Ate nothing until 6pm
    And then ate everything I owned for the next hour
  3. Drank nothing until 6pm
    And then drank a Diet Coke and a glass of wine
  4. Said "it's good for the heart" about a glass of wine
    Something I often tell myself even though I refuse to drink red wine
  5. Skipped a shower so I didn't miss debate coverage
    While I live tweeted the entire thing
  6. Put off all of my homework until 10:30
    Even though I've had it all written down for over a week
  7. Didn't take any kind of medicine for a headache I've had literally all day
    Even though it was within reach of me for 5-7hours
  8. Sat in the same spot for 6+ hours
    I have no explanation for this but I'm just trying to live.