What made me want to read this book? @BookClub Note: I'm new to ListApp and just discovered this list in drafts though I thought I'd lost it. So yay!
  1. NY Times Bestseller
  2. I have yet to read a book in this genre of alternating husband/wife or wife/husband perspectives like THE SILENT WIFE or GONE GIRL. So at any moment I am expecting Mathilde to murder Lotto and don't expect to find out until the end.
    Of course, now I know.
  3. For Christmas, I gave this book to a friend's husband who was reading the alternating perspectives husband/wife genre.
    Hmmm...I kinda wonder about that. Aren't those books about one spouse murdering the other?
  4. This was one of many books on my To Read list. Having it as a bookclub selection with a reading schedule created artificial urgency to read NOW. I'm now on WEEK 3.
    Ok so I finished the book by end of Week Two.
  5. It's been a long time since I participated in a book club.
    Thank you, @BookClub for starting this.