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A very scientific list. And I'm right, so save your noise.
  1. The Last Dragon
  2. Purple Rain
  3. Back to the Future 2
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This stuff doesn't make sense. And I'm fine with that.
  1. Losing in Bar Trivia
    I think I'm smart. I tend to hang out with people I think are smart. There's never an excuse to lose.
  2. Inbox Zero
    A clean inbox is a happy inbox. Subfolders for received mail. It gets sorted, or it gets trashed.
  3. Miniature Golf
    I've stopped trips because I've seen a miniature golf course. Also, no mercy.
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Yes, it's sci-fi, but there's still a bunch of implausible things happening here. Also, spoilers.
  1. Noise in space
    Right. Not so much.
  2. Drilling to the Earth's core would have repercussions.
    Earthquakes? Accidental volcanoes? Liquid hot magma? Dr. Evil had this part better.
  3. $100 million?
    Again, Dr. Evil errors. You can win the lottery for more. Bad negotiating skills!
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As you may have heard, TicketMaster settlement, free ticket vouchers. Cool, cool. Here's the list of things I can see.
    I hate you, TicketMaster.
Kinda self-explanatory, really. Miss ya, Dad.
  1. Tower Records, Greenwich Village
    Multiple hours in the jazz section upstairs. His happy place
  2. Quick basketball game outside
    All elbows and pump-fakes. And hard fouls. 'Builds character'.
  3. Debate and discussion over the Sunday Times
    How I learned to *listen* to arguments and make points
  1. Dave Matthews Band - Crush
  2. Elton John - Your Song
  3. Norah Jones - Come Away With Me
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But damn, I'll emote the f*** out of these songs.
  1. INXS - Never Tear us Apart
  2. Incubus - Dig
  3. Force MDs - Tender Love
2 more...
  1. Brennan's, New Orleans, LA
    Brunch. French quarter, fresh seafood, milk punch, nap time soon come.
  2. Harry & Buds, Terre Haute, IN
    The most surprising location on the list, but the easiest one to put on here. It's you, and the cook. You talk ahead of time about what your preferences are and he cooks what he feels like. Amazing experience, There were like 6 courses of basically everything.
  3. First Food and Bar, Las Vegas, NV
    Unfortunately, this place is now closed. This was my 'go-to' in Vegas that wasn't burger-related. The meal: fish and chips, and a mojito, while overlooking the Strip .
2 more...
  1. Crash Test Dummies - 'Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm'
  2. Spin Doctors 'Two Princes'
  3. 4 Non-Blondes - 'What's Up?'
  4. OMC - 'How Bizarre'
Inappropriate barefooted-ness. C'mon, people.
  1. Public bathrooms.
    I don't care where, but you are gross. And lazy.
  2. TSA Checkpoint at the Airport
    Multiple barefooted folks in security lines in the summer? FOUL. And you, wearing Uggs...you are a horrible person.
  3. In a Major City On Weekend Evenings
    Road grime on the soles of your feet as you're drunkenly stumbling around is NOT the move. Do better.