No chain restaurants eligible.
  1. Brennan's, New Orleans, LA
    Brunch. French quarter, fresh seafood, milk punch, nap time soon come.
  2. Harry & Buds, Terre Haute, IN
    The most surprising location on the list, but the easiest one to put on here. It's you, and the cook. You talk ahead of time about what your preferences are and he cooks what he feels like. Amazing experience, There were like 6 courses of basically everything.
  3. First Food and Bar, Las Vegas, NV
    Unfortunately, this place is now closed. This was my 'go-to' in Vegas that wasn't burger-related. The meal: fish and chips, and a mojito, while overlooking the Strip .
  4. Lowell's Restaurant, Seattle, WA
    Salmon Benedict . End of story. Sunny day, Waterside.
  5. Delmonico Steakhouse, Las Vegas, NV
    There has to be a steakhouse entry. Some combo of creamed spinach/lobster mac and cheese/super-rich sides and perfectly done meat. It's the law.