since we're on winter break currently, i'm going to try and rack my brain for some interesting things the old roomie has said that were... well... interesting.
  1. "i'm turning the bathroom into a sauna"
    context: she was sick, and the heat cleared her sinuses, so she sat in the bathroom for 30+ minutes with the shower running, not in the shower.
  2. "i don't believe in studying."
    update: 30 minutes before her french exam she was seen frantically paging through her textbook yelling about how she should have studied.
  3. "every time i come home i have to look for you."
    our dorm is like 10ftx10ft. when i'm in my bed she can't see me amidst the blankets (((camoflauge)))
  4. "so i have 30 pieces of toasted bread if you want some."
    this has happened 5+ times in one semester. bread is good when fresh but after that bad.
  5. "did my package come in yet???"
    i don't know how, but she online shops like no other, and somehow always finds the best deals. jealousy.
  6. stay tuned for more hijinks in our second semester of living together!!!!!!!!