story time!!!!!!!! @mindy wrote this thinking of our mutual love for dana carvey💗
  1. so i've been a huge SNL fan forever. I own a lot of books on it, watch all the old seasons, etc etc. i freaked out watching SNL40 Reunion
  2. and in april 2015, i got to meet one of my heroes and personal favorites, dana carvey. here's how it happened.
  3. it was my senior year of high school
  4. and my mom works with a company in Dallas called MyPossibilites, which employs adults with special needs.
  5. Every year they put on a "gala" for all their investors/donaters/people (my mom being one of them)
  6. and every year a celeb performs, and it's usually a singer. this year it was Dana Carvey, and he was doing standup.
  7. Three days before it happened, my mom texted me while I was at work saying to clear a schedule, and that she had tickets to something I would want to go to.
  8. I thought it was Mavs tickets.
  9. And i come home and flipped out.
  10. My dad is also a huge SNL fan, and he let me go instead of him <3
  12. and we're just walking around talking to my moms coworkers before the actual performance begins
  13. And my mom spies someone she knows with an envelope.
  14. And surprises me with meet and greet passes for after the show
  15. *dies*
  16. I was extremely overwhelmed, mainly because I WAS GOING TO MEET ONE OF MY HEROES AND OHMYGOD WHAT AM I GOING TO SAY
  17. so we go to our seats, performance starts, he's amazing <333
  18. then it's over and we find our way to the meet and greet
  19. No phones allowed, so I got a picture with him with the ~official~ photographer, and had to wait weeks to get the pic back.
  20. anyway, my mom and i got a picture with us and him, and then just me and him, and i completely froze up.
  21. did not say a word.
  22. Then, as they're trying to get me to move so the next person can get a picture, i blurt out
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  23. "I love church lady"
  24. and he chuckled
  25. and then i left
  26. and started crying.
  27. because he was great, and it was everything i wanted and wow.
  28. s/o to my amazing mom for being amazing and working hard so that she can go to special events like this and take her kids to them.
  29. to this date, dana carvey is the only celeb i've cried over when i saw them (and i met one direction. but that's for another list).
  30. proof!!!
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