i probably won't ever get to them, but ya never know
  1. one tree hill
    sometimes teen drama is TOO much teen drama.
  2. narcos
    maybe i can watch this in time to only have to binge the first season.
  3. game of thrones
    i already know the blonde brat dies, and i don't have hbo go. not a lot of motivation to watch except for i miss a lot of pop culture references.
  4. jane the virgin
    i have no idea what this is about, except for the fact that it might be good. also it's on CW.
  5. buffy the vampire slayer
    started it, enjoyed it, but it is almost too 90s if that is even a thing.
  6. criminal minds
    i watched all of season one to and from san Antonio on a bus, but never again. maybe someday if i need to know how to bury a body.
  7. the office
    I know i know, please don't kill me, i just can't watch jim and pam look at each other for four seasons. I need action!!!!