In chronological order! Glad he finally won for The Revenant! Let's talk about his other incredible performances!
  1. What's Eating Gilbert Grape
    His performance is convincing, devastating, and inspires hope even years after the film was first released.
  2. Marvin's Room
    Flanked by Meryl Streep, Diane Keaton, and Robert De Niro he gives another heartbreaking performance that is so totally layered, it is easy to forget he was so inexperienced in comparison to his costars.
  3. Titanic
    Besides the fact that it's absolutely iconic, he somehow makes this incredibly too-likable role very likable. This character could have had very little depth, but Leo created plenty.
  4. Catch Me If You Can
    While playing one troubled but charming Frank Abagnale Jr. he plays a handful of other characters. This performance touches on nearly every emotion and stage in a mans life. Again, Leo manages to shine with his costars Tom Hanks, Christopher Walken, and Amy Adams.
  5. The Aviator
    His performance of Howard Hughes is indescribably amazing. The audience is transported into another era as Leo transforms into this deeply troubled, driven man. This is another film that touches on love, mental illness, greed, and everything in between. It is a much watch for Dicaprio fans.
  6. Shutter Island
    This film was written off by most critics as an average psycho-thriller but Dicaprio's performance transcends that of a normal thriller film. Devastation, desperation, determination—Dicaprio hits the Triple D's to bring an A performance to the screen. This performance is incredibly moving and haunting.
  7. Django Unchained
    The story of him cutting his hand and continuing to perform is one of legend by now but that is not the only component of his performance which makes it so noteworthy. Again, Dicaprio brings commitment to a new level in this masterclass in acting. There is a deep understanding of Tarantino's unique genre that rides an uncomfortably thin line between hilarious and horrifying. Dicaprio gets us to despise him, not an easy feat and a job well done.
  8. The Great Gatsby
    Adapting such an unearthly character to the big screen has been failed before in the past. Paired with Luhrman's directing style and the lifelong friendship he already had with Tobey Maguire, Dicaprio is ethereal in this flick.
  9. The Wolf of Wall Street
    Commitment could be his middle name. Many argued this performance was not a far stretch for him, considering he is known to be a model-dating, yacht boy. Whether the partying life of Belfort was hard to capture or not is insubstantial, the overall performance is intriguing. Dicaprio establishes a love-hate relationship between the audience and his character, an incredibly unreliable narrator, that drives the movie forward into a thrill ride.
  10. The Revenant
    The performance of a lifetime. Each of his past performances seem to have worked as a sort of rehearsal for this film. There is a raw ache visible in this nearly silent performance that feels as natural and cold as the snow he trudges through. There's no doubt this Oscar win was well-deserved.