3 Unbelievably True Facts About Me

  1. I got stood up at prom
    Yup. So then I went to prom as a third wheel and had to miserably sit next to my absent date's empty seat. Then I cried for like three days straight. The kicker is I had waited till my senior year to go so it would be special 👍🏻 (Check me out holding those tears in so well for pics, go me!)
  2. I adopted a bald cat
    THIS WAS THE BEST DECISION EVER!!! He is blind in one eye and precious and named Dobby and I love, I love, I love him!!!
  3. I played a prostitute in a production of the musical Miss Saigon and was solicited for realsies
    An old dude who had seen the show solicited me for $750 for the evening so that's hilarious 🙈 No sir no. (Lol yes I picked the darkest and least revealing pic I could find because the Internet can be a scary place my friends.)