5 movies you wish you had been in

Requested by my soup snake @anivan thanks for the brain teaser boo
  1. Harry Potter (any of them)
    I mean, come on. To see the magic behind the magic would be so cool. There seemed to be a genuine love on the sets between the cast, the crew, and the material. A genuine respect and geekery for what they were creating is so prevalent onscreen— to be part of something so much bigger than each individual part would be inspiring. Also these CASTS!!!
  2. Silence of the Lambs
    There is a reason this film has managed to maintain its reputation as one of the smartest, scariest, and most unsettling films of all time: there was brilliance happening on this set. The cast is BRILLIANT, the direction is so quick, and the entire story sings of feminism. I'm obsessed with all 3 films in the series, but to see this cast doing their best work before knowing it would become ICONIC would be incredible.
  3. You've Got Mail
    Ok this cast, Nora Ephron, the setting—it's all too much. My all time favorite romantic movie because of the wit, the heart, and that ending! Rita Wilson in Sleepless in Seattle to An Affair to Remember is me to You've Got Mail. Let me love it.
  4. Les Miserables
    I want to meet all of these people, sing all of these songs, and be made into a work of art by Tom Hooper. Genuinely one of my favorite musicals ever and I feel like this cast was great fun together. Everything about this film is cathartic.
  5. Schindler's List
    The set was so depressing that comedians like Robin Williams would often call just to bring some emotional relief to the cast and crew—but wow did that sad atmosphere pull amazing performances from everyone. The story is unbelievably moving, the direction is nothing if not inspired, and obviously it's beyond iconic.
  6. The Duchess
    THE DRAMA!!! THE COSTUMES!!! THE CAST!!!! To work with any of these people would be a dream (Keira 😍😍 Ralph 😍😍) and then on top of that the story is so moving and dressed in worlds most gorgeous period costumes. I cannot get enough of it, I cry every time. Some of the most amazing, subtle, quiet work I've seen onscreen.
  7. Bonus: Love Actually
    I basically want to make out with or bear hug everyone in this cast. Filming in London would be a bonus, Christmas is the bestmas, and I mean idk it's just sweet and lovely. Bye ✌🏻️