5 Photos on My Phone, Chosen at Random

Phone roulette! I spun and wherever my phone landed I posted!
  1. Christmas Card!
    We did a Harry Potter themed Xmas card this year! This is my brother as Harry and me as Hermione waiting around for everyone else to get dressed!
  2. Shrek dragon!
    I was in a production of Shrek the Musical! This is me being a dork and pretending to get eaten by the dragon before closing night! This prop literally scared me every night, we had tiny wing space and the eyes lit up so when I would try to get onstage I had to make eyes with this terrifying creature in the dark. I'm a chicken.
  3. My boyfriend the King
    Disney trip goofiness from last summer!
  4. Check out that chandelier!
    I played a prostitute in a production of Miss Saigon, I took this to show my parents the view of the theatre from the stage! I ended up wearing a bra and pair of lacy underwear onstage, they were expecting to see me in this rehearsal leotard! Talk about an awkward night in their hotel 😂
  5. Bad Bitch Elsa
    For extra cash, I'm a princess for children's birthday parties! This is me after a party before I took off my Elsa wig!