All female Dracula dreamcast

I'm doing a damn Halloween series! Sue me!
  1. Dracula : Winona Ryder
    This would be a fun "full circle" sort of situation since she played Mina in the 1990s one! She's having a bit of a comeback with Stranger Things and I feel like she's just odd enough and emotionally equipped enough to play this role without ruining her career.
  2. Mina : Felicity Jones
    A really understated and under-appreciated actress who can really rock a period piece. The wide-eyed wonder that she'd bring to the role would be grounded with a great underlying emotional ability.
  3. Jonathan/Jocelyn Harker: Jessica Chastain
    Often gets billed at the Type A character I think it would be interesting to see her play someone a little out of their realm and sort of floundering to keep their life together. Would be excellent across from Winona and electric with Felicity as a fiancé.
  4. Lucy : Emily Blunt
    Mina's best friend and sort of the ~adventurous~ one; Blunt can play ANYTHING. This role requires the ability to play sexy—which can be an awkward thing to play, but I feel Blunt would do so with just the right amount of actual sexuality mixed with humor.
  5. Doctor Seward : Nicole Kidman
    I'm obsessed with this character—drug addict + genuine concern + mild scientist = ??????? Usually played as ultra manly and then given a sob scene halfway through and it barely ever scrapes by as sensible so I feel like Kidman could bring a great new take to the role with her bast experience and excellent control of her emotions.
  6. Arthur/Ariel : Naomie Harris
    Naomie is a badass and this character requires a bit of that levelheaded exterior combined with the ability to portray vast emotion in a very short amount of time—which Naomie has. Needs to be someone who can create a solid character without much to work with, Naomie is more than capable.
  7. Quincey/Carolina Morris : Amy Adams
    Lucy's American suitor who reveals himself to be truly, genuinely in love with him. Amy is a reliable actress who can play the straight or character role—this one rolls right down the middle so she'd be perfect for it. There's a serious sweetness to her that would be a great cocktail with this character's over-sincerity.
  8. Renfield : Eva Green
    Girl can play crazy. Would love to see her work with Winona and Nicole. Really this casting seems extremely obvious, almost too easy—I feel a little guilty about it.
  9. Doctor Van Helsing : Meryl Streep
    Any opportunity I have to put Emily Blunt with Meryl again I TAKE IT!!! Also she'd kill this role, because she kills every and any role, because she's Meryl fucking Streep.