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    My Fitness Pal
    I hate exercising and healthy food and making good choices —but I legit lost13 pounds because I was so reliant on this app. Be honest with it and yourself and DONT GO OVER and you're gonna kill it champ 💪🏻
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    Period Tracker Lite
    If you have a vagina that bleeds and you KNOW when that's going to happen then idk you must be a witch. This things keeps track of your symptoms, moods, cravings, and also gives you alerts (at intervals you choose) as a reminder to yourself to not wear those damn cute white pants. Honestly I'm such a mess, I love this one.
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    This isn't new or exciting but I seriously rely on this app. When I was living alone The Office was constantly on just so I could hear people talking while cooking/drowning out the sound of my upstairs neighbors having sex. Thanks Netflix 👍🏻
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    Obviously you're on this one so