Behind the Scene Pics From the Movie I'm In

It's called DEATH HOUSE give us a Google and follow on Twitter! I'm a small part of a very big project but THRILLED for this first film opportunity!
  1. It takes place in a prison!
    Well...HELL but were filming in a prison.
  2. Look how spooky
  3. Woohooooo I'm in a chair!
    "Guest Star" lol ok sure
  4. Aw yis some monitor action
    I am VERY excited to film tomorrow
  5. I play a nurse!
    We film tomorrow! Am I evil? Am I good? Idk you're gonna have to watch and see!!!
  6. Lol no biggie
  7. Ok I'm in a movie look at my happy chipmunk face 😱😍
    Not a bad for my first paid acting job!