I want an adult cartoon starring a badass lady, fighting against stereotypes, the patriarchy, and the misogynist expectations in dating.
  1. Starring Sarah Silverman as a Badass Princess
    She's done with your bullshit you sexist motherfuckers. She'll date who she wants, when she wants, and there's nothing you bitches can do about it.
  2. Queen Megan Mullally as Princess Sarah's mother
    Another badass lady who supports her daughters choices and refuses to arrange a marriage for her, because a lady's gotta put their own needs first, find themselves before true love, and besides who needs a husband when you can have a successful political career as ruler of the kingdom?
  3. Steve Martin as the Evil Step-Father
    Giphy downsized medium
    Because step-mothers have a ridiculously bad reputation. Obviously he's trying to convince everyone that arranged marriages and virginity are the most important things in a young princess' life.
  4. Fairy Godmother Leslie Jones
    To make all of Princess Sarah's dreams come true and get them fuckboys out of the picture.
  5. Prince Adam Scott as the Prince Who Realizes He Doesn't Wanna Marry Princess Sarah—Because He's Gay
    He also doesn't have time for this arranged marriage bullshit.
  6. Prince Aziz Ansari as Prince Adam's New Boyfriend
    Another person just looking for true love and avoiding stereotypes one sunshine-filled smile at a time.