1. Tom Hanks' "totally not a proposal"
    You've Got Mail. Really him setting all of this up for her is so romantic (maybe a little cruel but also amazing.) For as long as we both shall live..
  2. Julia Roberts admitting to Hugh Grant that though she is a gorgeous celebrity honestly, she is just a girl
    Notting Hill. I feel like this movie works so well because of how easily it was for them all to relate to their characters. The fact that he rejects her in this scene is stupid just ignore it, his grand gesture at her press event is great too.
  3. Billy Crystal running throwing NYC on NYE
    When Harry Met Sally. It's fucking cold and he does that whole damn run because he can't wait another second!! RUN BILLY RUN!
  4. Colin Firth learning Portuguese and running through the town to propose
    Love Actually. "I know I seems an insane person because I hardly knows you..."
  5. The magic at the top of the Empire State Building (and the fact that they both showed up, how grand!)
    Sleepless in Seattle. They both went. They both went!!! Thanks Jonah for making Sam go ♥️
  6. Drew Barrymore running across the field at a Red Sox game for Jimmy Fallon and his season tickets
    Fever Pitch. Run girl run! Get that goofy man-child!
  7. Hugh Grant writing a ballad about Drew Barrymore and performing it for Cora's audience
    Music & Lyrics. I adore this movie I don't care what anyone says. He hates his own lyrics and yet he tries for her because she's worth trying for!!! https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=rydkY4FsMDc
  8. The M&M pizza Anne Hathaway sends to Bowl Cut
    The Princess Diaries. On a high school students budget this is actually very thoughtful. Also it's his favorite, good work Mia!
  9. Richard Gere willing to be Julia Robert's Prince, complete with limo, opera, roses, and his facing his worst fear—heights!
    Pretty Woman. You better climb that fucking fire escape and let her be Cinderella!!
  10. Colin Firth buying Renee Zellweger a new diary and her running through the snow to kiss him
    Bridget Jones Diary. Snow kissing 😍
  11. Tom Hanks becoming a mermaid for Daryl Hannah
    Splash. I mean he had a brother he loved...and lived comfortably in NYC...so yeah this was a GRAND gesture.