Don't judge me you shady ho
  1. There's gotta be something wrong with me but
  2. Tom Cruise of all ages could get it 💯
  3. His body of work is actually pretty strong??
    Like his hit to flop ratio is legit solid
  4. He only stood on the couch for like 3 seconds
    It happened at the break of the Internet and YouTube, there's a good article on it somewhere—he was an innocent victim basically (lol no but sh)
  5. We all make fun of Scientology as if any other religion isn't crazy too???
    Just saying, do what you want but organized religion scares me and extremism is a no ni
  6. For some reason his divorces were hyperbolized into hostage situations
    Guys nobody kidnapped Katie ok
  7. He's fucking hot
    Yeah I know he's full of himself, we've gotta have something in common AYOOOO 🙌🏻
  8. Whatever I drool over who I like whatever