I've seen Bridget Jones's Baby 3 times and WILL go again, here's why!

Same old Bridget with much grander issues!
  1. I've missed Bridget!
    Obviously I have a great love for Bridget and relate to her on a lot of (probably problematic) levels, so to see my hero (14 years later) have the job she's always wanted, getting the baby she's always wanted (in the books at least), and feeling good about life is SO rewarding!
  2. The narrative on the dangers of slut shaming
    Don't slut shame. Learn your lessons, just like Bridget's mum!
  3. The commentary on weight
    Weight has always been a controversy surrounding this series (cue people discussing the 30 pounds Renee Zellweger gained for the first 2 films) but in this film Bridget has achieved her goal weight! What's great about this is it does absolutely nothing to effect her life for the better! All of her worrying was seemingly pointless!
  4. The female led cast, female director, and leading female writers are on top of their game
    There are SO few films and even fewer trilogies dominated by women! To see a story about girl power and inner strength led by such an amazing group of women (and based on a series by a woman) is inspiring!
  5. Bridget's main focus is on what SHE wants
    Never do we see her worrying about the wants of the men around her (well, maybe once but that's out of human decency and kindness.) Her career and then the baby are her main focuses, I love that.
  6. She's grown since we've seen her last but I still love her (just as she is!)
    She's basically a proper adult now! Excellent job, great friends, starting a family, and perhaps a bit of a messy love life but overall the writers have done a great job of showing how much she's grown.
  7. Catching up with all her friends is brilliant!
    No spoilers, but I think you'll be pleased to check in with the old (and new) gang!
  8. That happy ending (no spoilers)
    I refuse to say who she ends up with (IF there even is anybody!!!) but I really appreciate how carefully they crafted this story so it's not just eh goofy Bridget we love being a bit selfish—but a grown woman facing her future with a sex positive outlook!
  9. It's a feel good film that still touches the heartstrings and stays loyal to its fans.
    What more could you want from a trilogy? It's far better than the second installment and as fun as the first! Go support women in film! Thanks for everything, Bridget!