If Love Actually was made NOW

Oh yes I'm recasting my fav Christmas movie because of cast deaths, schedule changes, etc. 🎼 I feel it in my fingers, I feel it in my toes...Christmas is all around me, and so the feeling grows 🎧
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    Hugh Grant would play Alan Rickman's role
    RIP my love. Only Grant could take on this horrible character and still come off as somewhat bearable, just as Rickman did.
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    Emma Thompson stays as Emma Thompson
  3. •
    Idris Elba would play the English Prime Minister (originally played by Hugh Grant)
    What a fun switch! Let's get this babe in a romcom ASAP please. I just adore him and really want to see him do Grants dance.
  4. •
    the best
  5. •
    Emma Watson as the Prime Minister's secretary
    This line will make no sense ofc but the cursing and chemistry with Idris would be adorable
  6. •
    Colin Firth stays as Colin Firth because he is and always will be PERFECTION. That girl can stay the same too idk I think she's lovely.
  7. •
    Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid, Gigi Hadid, and Cara Delevinge as the American girls
    Kendall, of course, playing the Denise Richards role of sexy model who is into unattractive English men
  8. •
    Tom Hiddleston as Mark (originally played by Andrew Lincoln aka Rick from the Walking Dead —he is wonderful but too busy filming in Georgia)
    His sign scene will be edited into that Taylor Swift music video with the signs. Meme city for everyone.
  9. •
    Keira Knightley is perfection and stays Bc Keira Knightley
  10. •
    If Bill Nighy turns down Billy Mac, then Gary Oldman swoops in
    Either would rock but I mean Nighy is amaze so whatever
  11. •
    Cillian Murphy as the hot guy in the office
    Oh I'll always be in love with you sir.
  12. •
    Renee Zellweger as Laura Linney who is in love with hot guy in the office
    Laura's American, Renee is American. Both are amazing. P sure Laura is busy lately idk but Renee is great
  13. •
    David Tennant as the porn star body double (originally played by Martin Freeman)
    Pretty sure Martin is busy being a hobbit or something idk really but this is SO not an excuse for David to be naked...
  14. •
    Rosamund Pike as the lady porn star body double
    HUMAN SUNSHINE!!! They'd look really cute together
  15. •
    Liam Neeson is Liam Neeson ALWAYS
    And I'm going to pretend kids don't age.
  16. •
    Jon Hamm as the US President (originally played by Billy Bob Thornton)
    God Bless America.