Julianne Moore, ranked

She is perfection and ALWAYS number 1. But let's pretend these are all bullet points under "Number 1" k?
  1. 28.
    I mean honestly the performances were solid in this but the direction was a little off (IMO) and idk it was almost too soon for a remake for me I think
  2. 27.
    The Last World: Jurassic Park
    Am I the only human on the planet who doesn't get the appeal of dinosaurs? (Yes but Moore is fab so I watched the dinosaurs. I know I know these movies were game changers but I just can't care...) Also she's so cute and young in this
  3. 26.
    The Hunger Games
    I really couldn't give an f about these movies but I watched them for her (and was so bored) and she is dynamite 🔥 YOU BETTER ROCK THE GREY!!
  4. 25.
    Don Jon
    Fab as always, I just didn't care about the protagonist
  5. 24.
    The Big Lebowski
    I don't like this movie but, again, she just slays in it. Vagina.
  6. 23.
    Surviving Picasso
    Nobody else can make a big deal out of a little part like this champ
  7. 22.
    The Hand that Rocks the Cradle
    Oh god this movie is outdated af but still extremely unsettling???? She's a fucking badass in this and that death scene 💯
  8. 21.
    Savage Grace
    Absolutely broken in this film. Her performance supported by Eddie Redmayne and Hugh Dancy—-too good to be real. A really disturbing piece of film.
  9. 20.
    The English Teacher
    She is lovely, of course, and the movie itself is very cute but there's an odd accidental incest-y motif here that makes it all a little odd.
  10. 19.
    30 Rock
    I mean as far as guest spots go she kills it. Don't talk to me about the accent, I know everyone hates it but honestly it's just the right amount of over-the-top to satisfy me
  11. 18.
    Nine Months
    A formulaic and over the top romantic comedy starring this angel, Hugh Grant, and Jeff Goldblum. Very cute and palatable, a good rainy day watch!
  12. 17.
    Laws of Attraction
    So cute 😍
  13. 16.
    Crazy, Stupid, Love
    I mean??? Steve Carell married to Julianne Moore??? Yes please.
  14. 15.
    An Ideal Husband
    YAS work.
  15. 14.
    I doubt I'll ever stop crying
  16. 13.
    Maggie's Plan
    So incredibly fresh and intelligent. An amazingly PRESENT performance, even sporting a dramatic Danish accent and doing some beautiful snow crying. Highly recommended.
  17. 12.
    My angel. My everything 🙌🏻
  18. 11.
    Maps to the Stars
    This movie is so so weird. It took me a while to get into it but once it starts rolling it is incredibly intriguing. Her performance is perfectly detestable while remaining overwhelmingly pathetic—again: perfection.
  19. 10.
    A Single Man
    Such a short amount of screen time and yet she completely steals the movie. Her chemistry with a depressed Colin Firth is otherworldly. Love it.
  20. 9.
    The Kids Are All Right
  21. 8.
    Far from Heaven
    GLAMOROUS. Costuming, performance, just everything—this performance is the work of a STAR
  22. 7.
    The End of the Affair
    Oh my god this movie is so good. This cast is perfection, the costuming is perfection, the direction is so subtle and straightforward—just really good.
  23. 6.
    Benny & Joon
    CHARMING. That's it. Julianne as a retired actress making her way through a complicated dating situation? Utterly and devastatingly charming.
  24. 5.
    Game Change
    Only Julianne Moore could make me care about Sarah Palin. She gives an invigorating performance that really delves into the pressures thrust upon this ill-prepared politician.
  25. 4.
    The Hours
  26. 3.
    Still Alice
    This movie is INCREDIBLE. The Oscar is more than well deserved. Story, performances, setting, script—it is EVERYTHING. Hearing that one of the directors was coping with ALS during filming=NOPE.
  27. 2.
    Don't touch me, I'm still crying and I don't think I'll ever recover
  28. 1.
    Boogie Nights
    There is no real way to classify this performance outside of saying that it is absolutely inspired.