1. Likable/relatable heroine who is JUST LIKE YOU but has a little bit of a secret (i.e. is a superstar/superhero/supernerd/magic/psychic)
    Think Hannah Montana, think The Thundermans, think ICarly, thinks the Wizards of Waverly Place, think That's So Raven, etc.
  2. Overly aggressive best friend (preferably with light hair) who is probably a little stupid and makes the heroine feel superior
    This dumb best friend also happens to explain the plot line and point out the obvious to the lead in a way that makes you question who really is the dumb friend out of the two. Chelsea of That's So Raven is the best example of this stupidity/outsmarting BFF skills.
  3. Non-threateningly attractive male "other friend" that one of the girls will eventually end up kissing in a later season even though they've belittled him since the pilot episode
    This male should act as the voice of reason on the show and the "straight man" to all of the girls' "silly and quirky" comedy bits. Usually a pretty no-nonsense guy UNLESS talking about his "surprisingly nerdy" passion that the girls just don't have time for
  4. Annoying sibling(s) who may eventually join in the action but usually just throw a wrench in the kooky lead's schemes
    These brothers (almost 100% of the time) should annoy their sibling but also show an abundant amount of love for them.
  5. Surprisingly dumb parents/guardians who insist that their daughter hide her true self AT ALL COSTS even though they truly love her
    This sets up a strong "it's ok not to LIKE your parents so long as you LOVE your parents" tone that I feel could actually be damaging to familial relationships???? But also maybe comforting to people with shitty people for parents
  6. Some sort of bully/enemy to make the lead look super sweet/innocent/even more relatable
    Usually the same sex as the lead and evil enough to make the audience want to punch them for being SO rude. Everyone gets bullied y'all, even superstars/wizards/etc.
  7. Congrats you now have all your leading players for your kids tv show! As well as an episode of Seinfeld!
    Giphy downsized medium
    Think about it: not-so-secret identity, kooky friends, confused parents, odd choice in romantic interests, a villain down the hall, yada yada yada...