Living A Life Pretending I'm OK Knowing I'm Really These Characters and Not Their Cool Friends:

  1. 7.
    Paris Geller
    Nobody wants to be Paris. In all honesty I am more like Lorelai but my overachiever issues, power highs, mood swings, and determination make me relate to Paris a little too much.
  2. 6.
    Charlotte York
    Sex and the City is about three cool, sexy ladies hanging out in NYC and their tag along Charlotte who is both prudish while maintaining an air of nonsensical romanticism. I don't think it's just my hair that makes me relate to the uncool prude, TRUE LOVE IS OUT THERE!
  3. 5.
    Monica Geller
    She's funny alright but in a "boy am I glad I relate to Rachel more than I relate to that control freak" way. Unfortunately I've always wanted to be a Rachel but in truth am an over organized, anal retentive, control freak. It's fine, Rachel can have Ross and I'll keep Chandler.
  4. 4.
    Kelly Kapoor
    We all want to be Pam, don't lie to me. Sometimes though, the most exciting thing happening in my life are the celebrity feuds I'm desperately keeping up with (looking at you Johnny Depp.) I love romantic comedies, I'm killer at deciphering texts, I don't believe that you should ever use four dots unless you're sexting, AND I can be a business bitch. Sometimes people are just really mean to the super hot, popular girl.
  5. 3.
    Ann Perkins
    There is absolutely nothing wrong with being an Ann, I am super proud to classify myself as an Ann actually. Still trying to figure my shit out, surrounded by goofy people, is somehow the second banana to a crazy blonde woman who loves America too much. I am Ann Perkins and I am proud of it.
  6. 2.
    Grace Adler
    The original Ann Perkins. Dating mess, would date a gay man if she could, surrounded by an odd assortment of friends who aren't always nice to her. This is the hyperbolized, over dramatic performance that NBC doesn't allow on tv anymore because it makes women look fucking nuts and them look sexist. Unfortunately this means us nutso, dramatic women are rarely shown on TV anymore.
  7. 1.
    Lindsay Bluth
    Rare interest in attending work, sudden bursts of passion for charity events, a great love for things I can't afford, and a sex life that is just as inactive as everyone in my family thinks it is. At least we are pretty?